Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders all have a right to use the road.

safe roads

We all need to consider each other's special needs to safely share the roads.

Horses on the Roads

With fewer places to ride, and increasing fuel prices, more riders are returning to riding on the roads.

For many motorists, and cyclists being on roads with horses may be a new experience

Advice for safe driving here >>
Advice for cycling safely here >>

Road Rules

The most important rule is to slow down, and give horses room -  as you should for cyclists and pedestrians on the road!

SLOW means 50kph or less

You must prepare to stop. 

You must stop if the horse is unsettled, or if the rider signals that there is danger in proceeding.


You can be charged with dangerous driving if you do not behave appropriately around horses on the roads.


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Stuck behind a vehicle towing horses?  

Please be patient. Towing vehicles are restricted to 90kph on the open road.

New Zealand roads are often poorly constructed, with few safe places to allow a vehicle with horses onboard to pull over. The gravel edges, and often steep grades or sudden drop off of tarmac that tip a trailer sideways are dangerous for horse floats to use.

Make sure you can see the towing vehicles mirrors. Following too close behind the trailer means the driver cannot see you waiting to pass!
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